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Now I’m a big fan of small cars. I like the way they are lighter, more agile and more agile than big cars. They are easier to park, they usually cost less, tend to have tires, brakes, etc. Economical If I had two similar cars, I would almost always take the smaller one, to a point. There’s always a time when a car is too small for your needs, and it’s important to know where that point is before you dip into the reduction of your current car for something smaller.

If you’re trying to reduce the size of your car, you’ve probably zoomed in on your car in the past. And that makes sense: they needed a bigger car to accommodate Jessica’s cello and Johnny’s little cricket bag, and now they’ve moved out of the house. But he probably also found this extra space when he needed to go to Ikea or pick up supplies from the garden center or travel with friends over the weekend. A smaller car will not be suitable for such a thing, and for some people, getting back into a smaller car is much more difficult than getting used to a bigger car. A few years back in Australia, my parents just experienced this problem when they replaced their big V8 family car with a smaller, fuel-efficient 4-cylinder hatch. His frequent interstate road trips with friends did not work very well as it was a real pressure on five adults and their luggage in their new car. Sure, they could have rented a bigger car for the weekend, but it was a nuisance they did not really think about at the time of purchase. So think carefully about what you need to build into your new car and how willing you are to compromise by reducing its size to something smaller.

Does the size of your car reduce the wrong economy?

Smaller cars usually cost less than larger cars in terms of fuel, registration and consumables. New cars are usually cheaper than old cars, both in terms of the cost of each service and the regularity with which the service is needed. But that does not necessarily mean it’s a guaranteed money saving to buy a smaller car, especially if the alternative is to keep your current car. People often change their cars because they are frustrated with a number of big bills in their current car, and this often coincides with the desire to cut their travel expenses when they buy a small car.

However, what they overlook in their frustration is that they often pay thousands in advance to change their car to save hundreds of annual operating costs. If you are considering reducing the size of your car for economic reasons, you should carefully calculate your numbers. Of course, if you replace your car anyway, and you choose between a larger and a smaller car, it is usually much cheaper to buy the smaller car.

Do you sit comfortably?

It seems that many drivers find it more difficult to adapt when they switch from a big car to a small car than vice versa, which is the opposite of what people think. Instinct suggests that if you can drive a big car around the mall parking lot, a small car will make your life a lot easier. But downsizing drivers often find that smaller cars are less comfortable to drive than their larger car.

Just as a large boat handles waves much better than a small boat, a larger car generally absorbs shocks and broken road surfaces better than a small car. A smaller car will be more agile in terms of handling and maneuverability, but it will also make it more edgy and unstable on a highway, and more vulnerable to side winds.

Smaller cars also tend to reduce the size of other aspects of the car that you may not have considered, such as the width of the seat or the adjustment range of the steering wheel. It is really important to have a decent test drive and to take the time to find a comfortable seating position before committing to buy a smaller car.

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